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OAuth for Java Developers


You can use OAuth to secure apps, APIs, and devices. OAuth has become increasingly popular, especially as developers are asked to knit together hundreds of apps and thousands of users in enterprise environments.

The Java ecosystem is vast, with over 10 million developers worldwide and an abundance of IDEs, build tools, libraries, and frameworks to make them more productive. In this session, I'll provide you with a state of the OAuth ecosystem in Java. You'll learn which frameworks support OAuth and which ones don't. I'll also offer some practical examples you can run in just a few minutes.


Matt Raible is a Java Champion, Web Developer, and Spring Developer Advocate at Okta. He loves to architect and build APIs and slick-looking UIs using CSS + JavaScript. When he's not advocating Okta and open source, he likes to ski with his family, drive his VWs and enjoy craft beer.

Matt Raible