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OpenRewrite: Where the Code Fixes Itself (plus all the dependencies)


The software industrial revolution has arrived. Software is now 80% open source and third-party and 20% proprietary code that stitches it together into business-critical applications. We are challenged with the ongoing evolution of increasingly large and diversely composed codebases and ecosystems. Dependencies are changing frequently and evolve at their own pace. Security vulnerabilities can be introduced at any time by anyone. Not updating regularly leads to critical bugs, performance, and security issues.

In this talk, we’ll introduce OpenRewrite, an automated refactoring and dependency management technology that was born at Netflix in 2016. We’ll write the code for a recipe live that fixes a common issue and execute it across 300 million lines of open-source code. The recipe will be available in open source for you to apply to your own codebase at the end of the session.


Jonathan Schneider is co-founder and CEO at Moderne, the pioneer of continuous software modernization at enterprise scale. He founded OpenRewrite at Netflix and went on to found the Micrometer project as a member of the Spring Team. He also is the author of “SRE with Java Microservices” (O’Reilly). He is an Army veteran and two-time bronze star recipient.

Jonathan Schneider